November 7, 2008
CFWM, LLC completes new webdesign for Harris Cars Inc.  View site at www.harriscarsinc.com

October 20, 2008
CFWM, LLC of Matthews, NC lands contract to design logo and webdesign for A Lasting Romance, a portal focused on pampering relationships.
October 3, 2008
CFWM, LLC, completes new webdesign for Golf On It.  View site at www.golfonit.com

September 9, 2008
CFWM, LLC completes new logo and webdesign for Diversified Electric Services, Inc.  View site at www.diversifiedelectricservices.com



Living a Dream

Hello, my name is Caleb A. Farrington.  I want to share with you a dream that my father is currently living.  But before I tell you about this dream, I’d like to share with you how he came to live it.  My dad’s mother and father were divorced when he was two years old.  To this day, he and his father do not share a relationship.  Dad knows where he lives, he knows of his drinking problems in the past.  He even remembers the few times the two would run into one another on the streets.  

At age four, and his mother married again, my dad moved away to live with his grandfather. His mother moved to


another state with her then husband.  During the short time he resided with his new stepdad, my dad often felt mistreated.  He experienced being locked in the closet for punishment, and at times, was locked outside of the apartment for which they stayed while listening to my grandmother being physically abused inside.

When my dad turned eight, his aunt asked for permission to raise him into adulthood.  My dad and his grandfather had become attached at the hip.  They enjoyed the tractor rides and taking trips out to the various vegetable gardens together.  The gardens seemed to be a haven for the two as they’d often pick fresh veggies and eat them in the place they stood.  Later, as my dad got older, his grandfather would share with him his feelings when dad moved away with his aunt.  “I hated for you to leave, but it was for the best.  You were able to go off to college, but had you stayed with me, I would’ve made you a farmer”, he shared.

Well, dad’s grandfather passed away in 1998 due to various illnesses; his aunt in 2004 to ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease.  For dad they were his parents, his mentors, people from which he developed his strengths.  During his life’s experiences, dad came to a point in his life where he was forced to make a decision.  He could follow in the path of a couple of men before him, or he could create his own destiny; thus the dream.

Lastly, he is now working on another dream.  This dream involves starting and maintaining a business that I may one day assume control of; hence Caleb Farrington Web Designers, LLC.  And as you’ve guessed by now, little me at the age of seven, I’m the CEO.  After all, dad is working for MY future.  If we can aid in the growth of your business, or your dream, please don’t hesitate to call us. 

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